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The importance of a budget to design your website

We understand that not all clients know their web budget, and some clients do not want to let the web design agency know what their budget is. This article touches on some of the benefits and drawbacks that a web quote can have for both the agency and the client.

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At Redbyte we do not offer site templates web, we don't have fixed prices for websites, so when we get queries asking "How much does a website cost?", it's hard to come up with a single price that the customer wants to hear. We understand that some clients have never built a website before, or have never had to go through that process before, so this is new to them. Some clients "search" for quotes and send general inquiries to various agencies to get an idea of a ballpark figure... which is understandable, but the client needs to have some information to support this process.

An agency ("bespoke") cannot provide an exact quote without a project brief, therefore it is important to know what is involved in having a "project brief"

What is a project summary?

Don't waste your time, or that of the agencies, sending inquiries asking for a price without any information about your project, because you usually won't receive a response that answers your question right away. A project brief is a good start for any job. It can be as basic as you like, informal, a formal document, or as detailed as you like. In summary, the project summary of a web page should answer everything that it can in relation to the list of items below:

  • Overview of your business
  • Overview of your current website (if you have one): pros and cons
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What do you want to achieve or what is the objective of the new website?
  • Do you know the specific features or functions you need for the website?
  • Which websites do you like and why?
  • Project start date
  • Project Completion Date
  • Project budget

I understand that you cannot answer all of the above, but the more information you provide to the agency, the better and more detailed response you can get as a client. Why? Because the agency's response will be relevant to your query and not an "estimate" of the price that may change later when more is said about the project. This could bring negative consequences due to unmet expectations, since the budget seems to increase more and more, since the agency did not know their needs from the beginning.

How do you know what your budget is?

If you've never built a website before because your business is new, or it wasn't your job to build a new website project… you might be wondering, well, how much do they cost? The simple answer to that is that every website is priced differently because it will have different features and functions than other websites. However, if you want a cheap website based on a template (a template does not allow customization based on branding or special features), then more or less, the agencies will be able to say - for what you need, the price will be X Soles. or they will tell you a minimum starting budget.

Assessing your budget can be as easy as looking at any of the following:

  • Does your company have a budget to work on marketing in general?
  • What can you afford?
  • How important will the website be for your business?
  • In the case of e-commerce, how many products do you need to sell to recover the proposed budget?
  • Do you have a global budget that can be broken down into monthly payments to facilitate cash flow?

Why does a web agency benefit from the fact that tell you your budget?

It saves a lot of time for you, the client, and the agency, especially in the early stages. For example, if you request to develop a website and you do not know your budget, the agency may be willing to offer you a detailed proposal, after carrying out the relevant research and analysis, they propose what they think you need and what should be achieved…. so that you, as a client, can answer…. "That's out of my budget!!!"

You and the agency have wasted time making a proposal. The customer still doesn't have the information he's looking for.

If you provide a quote, along with a project brief, the agency will be able to tell you instantly that A) this quote isn't realistic for what you want to achieve and we can't work with you or B) this sounds great, we'll provide you with a quote. proposal for you to review. What puts you as a client in a much better situation to advance in the development of your website.

How do I know I'm not being scammed?

If you're thinking that giving your budget information to the agency will get them to take more money from you, there are a few answers to that. Most decent agencies that have a good web design portfolio, respectful clientele, and previous testimonials will give you an honest answer and tell you that your budget is more than you need, or advise you on the best way to spend that extra budget. Therefore, they may recommend other services such as search engine optimization ( SEO) to improve your ranking on Google, which in turn will get you more inquiries or more purchases online. Or the web design agency may offer more technical aspects to the website that you hadn't thought of to either improve the customer experience, the UI/UX, or improve your business internally. For example, they can integrate certain features that eliminate any manual work, so that you, as a customer, can run your business more smoothly and efficiently.

What's next?

If you are looking to start a new project and you like what you have read, you like our portfolio and the digital services we can offer. Go to our project form, where you can enter part of the information that we have discussed in this article and we will be able to offer you more information in response.

By: Joseph Angersoen
2 de February de 2022
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