The high cost of "cheap" website design and SEO: a guide in times of confusion PART 2

Roadmap: How to choose a good SEO professional

So now that we know that not all SEO is the same, how do you determine which professional is the right one for your business? Which SEO company will be the right choice for you, right from the start?

  • Experience. SEO has been around since the late 1990s. Companies that have extensive experience have gone through a variety of changes in the industry; They have withstood major search engine upgrades and are still around to tell the stories. In other words, they have an innate knowledge to make key decisions based on experience rather than the articles they have read.
  • Team. A team approach to SEO is a wise approach. In general, there will be strategy, keyword research, content planning and creation, and technical elements that all need to be carried out in unison.
  • Portfolio. Although there are some SEO professionals who specialize in a specific industry, many good SEO professionals can work within any industry because their strategy and practices are sound. When looking at an SEO portfolio, you should have a good idea of their successes: Have they been able to achieve successful results in competitive industries? Do they have experience in a business like yours?
  • Empathy. Your SEO professionals will be working hard for you. It is important that you like them and that you can build a relationship with them. You need to work with someone you like and trust.

Not all web designs are created equal

WordPress has made it easy for people to develop and create websites. Many of these template websites are beautiful and modern. They look great, and it's easy to be seduced and surprised by all the aesthetic details.

In general, everyone wants a website that looks good. But more importantly, your website must perform very well for the visitor. Looking good and working well can be two very different things.

  • Planning. SEO web design is based on the solid practice that planning for SEO comes before design. That means market research, keyword research, and site planning are all based on SEO principles and help guide the build.
  • Site structure. SEO principles will guide the structure of your website. It must be neat and must move your visitors properly through the website.
  • Flow of navigation. Websites should be designed for the visitor and should be based on what the target visitor is expected/want/need to do once on the website.
  • Site speed. Lots of animations and images can add a lot of megabytes to a website, which translates into poor speed. Your visitor will leave if the site is slow. Additionally, you may see reduced performance on search engines.
  • Mobile indexing. Google has moved to mobile indexing, which means it's important that your site performs well (and looks great) on mobile devices. If your website doesn't appeal to your target audience, or takes too long to load, you could be missing out on valuable leads.

Poorly written code

What do some of the best templates and inexperienced web developers have in common? Poorly written code. That increases the chances of your website crashing later and can hurt performance. The code should be clean and easy for search engines to read, while also being understandable by other programmers.

There are a variety of tools that can assess the performance of a website. is an SEO tool provided by Google that provides an excellent overview of the issues programming and SEO potentials that can hinder the performance of a site. The Google webmaster tools and the W3 markup validation can also help.

Are you getting the features you need?

Not all companies require custom web development, but you get what you pay for. When you work with an inexperienced web designer or a designer who is not a developer and therefore cannot create custom features, they will be restricted by the level of their capabilities. They may lead him away from the features he's looking for, simply because they don't know how to create them.

In the end, if your website doesn't meet the needs of your target audience, capture their attention, and provide them with innovation or uniqueness, you may find it more difficult to retain your visitors and convert them into leads.

This is not to say that all templates are bad or that inexperienced web developers don't deserve a chance to succeed or aren't capable of delivering the best results. Rather, there is simply a cost associated with selecting the wrong company for your needs. That cost comes in the form of lost time and lost potential revenue.

In addition, it is important to determine what features are included in your listing. Occurs when additional features are added throughout a build. Sometimes they come from the developer or SEO professional who has a good idea, and other times from the client. But you don't want to be in shock when it's time to pay the bill!

Roadmap: How to choose a good web developer

How a website looks and how it works are two different things. It's easy to tell if a website looks cool, innovative, or new. It is much more difficult to determine if a website works as it is supposed to.

  • Experience. An experienced web developer will have seen the pitfalls of many websites and SEO trends and should know how to build a site that can withstand them.
  • Templates. It is important to know in advance if your website will be based on a template.
  • How you will update the website. Some websites are built from scratch using html and may require some work for someone else to update. Others are integrated into a content management system like WordPress or Drupal and have built-in WYSIWYG editors. Others are hybrid code within WordPress.
  • Features and add-ons. If you use WordPress, for example, there are many features in the form of plugins that can be added to your site. Unfortunately, sometimes those plugins can also really overload your site and slow it down (Google doesn't like a slow site). A good web developer can determine when a plugin is the best course of action and when a more custom option is required.


If being successful online is part of your business model and goals, the key is to properly set yourself up for success the first time. Choosing wisely now will allow you to start taking advantage of potential opportunities sooner.

Businesses must have a budget; However, selecting an web development partner and SEO based solely on price rarely pays off in the long run.


By: Joseph Angersoen
20 de June de 2019
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