How to start a project on the Internet

What do you need to get started? Many times we are faced with the question that there is no incentive other than selling a product or service, without really looking for a long-term strategy. The question is not what do you need? It is what are your goals? and in the search for the answer, we will only be able to understand the real nature of the project and the tools necessary to achieve them.

For this reason, it is important to analyze the needs of each client before offering "canned" solutions. We know that the conditions under which we operate in the market can vary radically and are not the same in Lima as in Cusco. Likewise, it's not the same as an e-commerce solution for someone That's ripping that off for someone who already has experience. As it is not the same if you sell clothes, appliances or services. Precisely, we must be able to distinguish, the one that offers us a "package" as opposed to a "solution". It is necessary to take time to find the provider that can add value to the project. I know that at the beginning we are all desperate to start, but I also know that if we do not evaluate our "technological advisor" well, the long-term result will be negative, often having to spend resources to refocus the project.

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It is vital for the project that the proposal is multidisciplinary. In this order of ideas, it is not enough to offer a "pretty" but not very functional design, while the long-term objectives and strategy of the project are not clearly defined. For this, it is necessary to resort to other disciplines that help to make clearer decisions. For example, the Business Intelligence and Finance are tools to determine the profitability of the investment. Most Internet companies do not have these disciplines as part of decision making. Can we perhaps evaluate the potential of a project without taking into account all the variables, including economic ones?

By: Joseph Angersoen
24 de July de 2018
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