5 Ways Digital Marketing Provides Flexibility Across All Channels

The Internet has been transformed from just a decade ago when most people went online using laptops and few understood what apps were. Most people today go online using smartphones whose low cost has made them affordable. Further facilitating the growth of online users is the low cost of data coupled with high data transfer rates. All of this has contributed to making the Internet unrecognizable from what it had been just a decade or even 4 years ago before the cost of data was relatively high.

As the Internet continues its evolutionary journey, advertising using the Internet or digital marketing evolves too. Here are some ways digital marketing provides flexibility across all channels.

Manage costs down to the penny

The phrase surgical strikes entered our lexicon with the US-led war on terror, yet the term also aptly describes how digital marketing works. Digital marketing allows brands to manage with surgical precision how much they spend on marketing campaigns and the segment of consumers their campaign reaches. Reaching consumers this way is much more efficient than using traditional media channels.

Campaign progress is tracked in real time

With the rise in awareness of digital media, an obvious drawback to using traditional media for advertising has become apparent.

digital marketing can be compared to surgery performed with a scalpel, while traditional marketing techniques can be compared to doing the same thing with a crude shovel. The progress of a digital campaign can be tracked in real time down to individual inquiries, while a traditional campaign covers an entire region without providing adequate feedback.

Let consumers reach you

Digital marketing enables brands to engage consumers quickly. By using traditional channels, consumers must be convinced to buy a product; Digital marketing allows consumers looking for a product or service to quickly find the best seller.

Creating a brand narrative

Today, even small brands can be immensely successful if they create a narrative that resonates with consumers. The importance of a brand narrative has increased dramatically in recent years. Creating a narrative using traditional channels is certainly possible, but it is also significantly more difficult and more expensive than using digital media. Digital media allows brands to create a narrative using captivating images, imaginative stories, honest testimonials, and entertaining videos.

A multiplicity of platforms

Today's generation of consumers is more individualistic than anyone before them. The majority of consumers between the ages of 18 and 44 are comfortable using technology, and their individuality is becoming more pronounced thanks to brands that allow them to express themselves in countless ways. A culture of individuality means that one consumer segment is more likely to be visible on a particular digital platform than another. This allows brands to devote more attention to creating a presence on a digital platform where their target audience is likely to be found. There is a multiplicity of digital platforms that allow brands to reach a specialized audience.

The flexibility of digital marketing as a marketing tool stems from its ability to attract the right audience at the right cost. Its flexibility is further enhanced by allowing you to follow the progress of a campaign in real time and allows the construction of an interactive narrative in which consumers participate in a brand identity.

By: Joseph Angersoen
11 de March de 2020
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