5 reasons why companies should invest in Google Ads

As a business owner or entrepreneur, there is no worse feeling than the sound of crickets. When contact forms, online orders, or phone calls aren't coming through, you need to do something to improve.

I recently read an article that said you shouldn't use Google Ads for the following reasons:

  • You pay for clicks.
  • It is difficult to compete with big companies.
  • You have a limited number of characters.
  • Mistakes can cost you dearly.
  • It doesn't fit your niche.

I believe these arguments are inaccurate and explain how you can grow your business through Google Ads. Our company manages various digital marketing campaigns, so we have extensive experience when it comes to pay-per-click advertising.

1. You only pay for strategic and quality clicks.

With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay for the keywords that you strategically bid on. For example, if I'm a plumber and I want to generate new leads for "plumbing companies near me", I can bid only on those keywords and I'll only be charged when someone clicks my ad and visits my site.

According to Google's Economic Impact Report, businesses earn an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.

Can you think of another form of advertising where the intent to buy is higher? Your potential customer is literally typing what they want into Google and your ad will only fill based on the keywords you select and you will only be charged when someone clicks on your ads.

If you do a good job managing your search terms report and add negative keywords, you can drive amazing quality traffic to your site.

Make sure you're bidding smartly by using the broad match modifier, phrase match, or exact match to boost traffic quality.

2. You can compete with big companies.

Unlike the TV ads of the 1980s and 1990s, where a business needed a significant budget to get on the air, you can start using Google Ads for as little as $300. Theoretically, you can start with less than a budget, but S/300 is the minimum we recommend for our clients. The reason behind the budget recommendation is so that we can generate enough clicks and data to make changes and improvements to drive conversions.

According to CLUTCH, 45 percent percent of small businesses use PPC advertising. Once you start driving conversions for your business, whether it's eCommerce purchases for an online retailer or contact forms and demonstrate the effectiveness of this form of advertising, you can increase your budget.

If you have the right tracking and can justify your return on investment with a metric called ROAS (return on ad spend), you can double your ad spend. That's the beauty of Google Ads. You can track performance and once your campaigns are profitable you can continually invest more. If you're not seeing the results, you can pause it with the click of a button.

3. Be creative with a limited number of letters.

People are obsessed with Google Ads quality score. They have a notion that if they put the exact keyword they're bidding on in their ad, their quality score will go up and their cost per click will go down.

I'll tell you a secret. If everyone is bidding on the term "Carpentry Services" in their ad headline, there will be nothing to set your ad apart from the competition. The ad should be unique and stand out from the rest. Don't make your ad the same as everyone else's.

4. Mistakes can be very expensive.

According to the CEO of Disruptive Advertising, 61 percent of Google Ads budgets are completely wasted. Mistakes can make or break your Ads campaign. The same notion is true in all components of the business. If you have a lazy accountant, your taxes could be inaccurate and get you fined in the future. Hiring an expert who knows what he is doing is the right way to go. If you haven't set up a Google Ads campaign before, I recommend letting an Google Certified Expert do this, as it will save you time and money. Be transparent with the PPC professional and let them know that you want to learn the tactics they are implementing. , so you can do it yourself, if you have the time and are willing to learn the trade.

5. It doesn't fit your niche.

If you can't think of a search term that would help someone find out about and learn more about your business, then Facebook or Instagram might be a better option. Most businesses can take advantage of Google Ads and drive instant traffic to their site through relevant keywords.

If executed correctly, Google Ads can be a gold mine for your business. The good news is that if you want to get started with Google Ads, you can set up a campaign in less than an hour, and it can have a significant long-term impact for your business.

By: Joseph Angersoen
21 de November de 2018
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